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James Eke's official website!

As the official site of James Eke, look here for news, reviews, contests and other great things you won't want to miss. You might even get a sneak peak at what James is working on now.

Falling Backwards is in bookstores now!

This is a book that you're sure to want to read. The story of a man's fall and the attempts he makes to get back up. Called "street spiritual" or a modern day telling of the search for the meaning of life. Falling Backwards is an amazing look into the soul of a man struggling to find meaning and peace in a life that seems focused on giving him everything but.


The Globe and Mail says, "...Eke's story shares the haphazard trajectory of its protagonist, but manages to pull the reader along in hope that this floundering pilgrim will get his act together -- or better, suffer a ringing judgment. The novel's ending is elaborately mystical. We're skillfully prepared for the scene, and the imagery is arresting..."

Be sure to order your copy today at chapters.ca, amazon.com or ask for it by name at your local bookstore
(ISBN: 1896860982)


James Eke, author of Falling Backwards is currently working on two new novels (Roadside Saints and Trailer Trash) and a book of poetry (Bodhisattva Poem).