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Name: James Eke
Born: April 10, 1969
Birthplace: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Educated: Bunch of schools in Ontario
Work: I've held more jobs than I can remember--everything from grave digger, broom and brush maker, landscaper, Lake Ontario lard-spill beach cleaner to the past decade in the newspaper business (everything from reporter to managing editor).
Where you've lived: In places across Canada (well, across B.C. and Ontario).
Where you've been: All over the place--across the country four times, around the U.S. and even to the centre of the universe (hidden away outside Cache Creek, B.C.).


- Falling Backwards, a novel (Ekstasis Editions, 2002)
- Bodhisattva Poem, poetry (not yet published)
- Roadside Saints, a novel (not yet published)
- Trailer Trash, a novel (a work in progress)
- Sticks and Stones, short stories (a work in progress)